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HemoSense Company


Hemosense, Inc. is a venture capital company founded in 1997 with their place of business in San Jose / CA. In 2005 Hemsense was listed at AMEX (HEM).
Hemosense developed and markets a portable analysis device for the measurement of blood coagulation representing the latest state of technology, i.e. the INRatio Meter





Diseases such as atrial fibrillation, heart valve replacements, deep leg thromboses and other require a longterm therapy with anticoagulating medication, e.g. Macumar. Therapeutic dosage has to be monitored. Usually the general practitioner extracts venous blood every four weeks, the coagulation (=INR value) is determined and medication dosage altered accordingly.
Using a mobile coagulation monitor the patient is in a position to determine the INR value himself. To this purpose a drop of capillary blood from the finger tip is applied to a test strip. The coagulation monitor measures the coagulation value and the patient can alter his medication himself, if required. Using a coagulation monitor provides regular and frequent checking of the INR value which is usually measured once a week. Frequent changes of the INR value are detected and complications such as hemorrhage and thromboembolism can be avoided. Usage of a coagulation monitor requires a training for the patient`s self management. These training sessions are usually held at independent training centers of hospitals and general practices.





The INRatio coagulation monitor is a small battery powered hand-carried device allowing the patient to determine thee blood coagulation ratio (INR) himself with the use of test strips. The test strips contain a built-in control measurement for calibration. The monitor has been developed to allow patient self management which requires intensive training with regard to blood coagulation. Upon prescription by a physician the cost of the device is covered by public health insurance in Germany.



Activities of I Med Pro


I Med Pro conducted the market approval study of the INRatio meter for Hemonsense. In another multi center study the training program developed by Hemosense for patient self management was successfully tested.
Following the medical studies I Med Pro introduced the INRatio meter into the German market. This comprised import and distribution of the coagulation monitor, customer acquisition and service, development of marketing material, contract negotiation with health insurance carriers and much more.In addition, I Med Pro negotiated sales agreements with German and European distributors and supplied them with products.
In order to introduce physicians and assisting personnel to the coagulation patient self management training courses were developed and conducted by I Med Pro in several parts of Germany.