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Restore Company


Restore, Inc. is a venture capital company with their place of business in St. Paul, USA. Restore developed an introduction device (applicator) that introduces implants designed to reduce social snoring.





Approx. 40 % of the male population of over 45 years of age is affected by snoring. Animal experiments have shown that snoring can be reduced by introducing implants into the soft palate. Clinical studies with humans are to verify the efficiency of the stiffening and proof the reduction in snoring. Life quality of a great number of patients can be improved by this method not speaking of the life quality of their partners.





The delivery tool is a pistol like device loaded with an implant that is introduced into the soft palate.



Activities of I Med Pro


I Med Pro developed a market analysis study for Restore and conducted other market survey studies. Important opinion leaders have been attended to and supported with presentations and scientific publications.