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CryoCor Company


CryoCor Inc. is a medical device company who developed a catheter ablation systems to treat cardiac arrhythmias by means of freezing (Greek: cryo) The company was founded in 2000 and has its place of business in San Diego , CA. In 2005 CryoCor was initially listed at NASDAQ (CRYO).





Cryoablation is a minimal invasive procedure for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. Using extremely low temperature of up to 90 C at the tip of a cryoablation catheter arrythemogenic tissue in the heart can be isolated and obliterated. The freeze-thaw process generates a lesion in the cardiac tissue permanently disabling electrical conductivity of the tissue.


During cryoablation no blackening or boiling occurs at the catheter tip. Croyablation thus is almost not thombogenic. Cryoablation does not lead to complications as has been described with radio frequency (HF) or other heat related ablation procedures (ultrasound, microwave) such as pulmonary vene stenosis, paralysed nervus phrenicus, esophageal fistula, vascular occlusion and unintended heart block.


Cryoablation has many advantages. The therapy is painless. Tissue cohesion at the ablation site remains intact and healing of the lesion is discret and homogenic without appearance of local chronic inflammation. Endothelic cells quickly recover and easily generate a smooth myocardiac surface thus avoiding development of thromboses.





The CryoCor ablation system consists of four components:
The cryoablation console, the cryo articulation arm with precooler and the cryoablation catheters and dilator sheaths.



Activities of I Med Pro


I Med Pro supported CryoCor with the introduction of the cryoablation system in the European market, accompanied clinical studies and attended to opinion leaders.
We offer medical and technical support by telephone and on site and support physicians in the usage of the cryoablation system. We train medical support personnel on the usage of the device. We arrange for the installation of the system in the hospital and make upgrades and repairs. We help with the generation of brochures and other marketing material.