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Corvascular Company


Corvasular is a medical device company with their place of business in Palo Alto, California who, with Transarrest, developed a pharmacological electro- mechanical system to temporarily stop heart beat in order for coronary bypass surgery to be applied.





During conventional bypass procedures the heart is immobilised by administering a cardioplegic solution while the body is connected to a heart-lung machine to perfuse it with oxygenated blood. Although this procedure has been in use for more than 30 years for revascularisation it is accompanied by negative side effects such as morbidity, mortality, and high cost.


New minimal invasive procedures for coronary artery grafting surgery of the beating heart was developed in order to minimise the risks. Coronary artery bypass surgery of the beating heart requires adaptation of the surgery technique and the development of accessory tools (mechanical tissue stabilisers) that minimise the motion in the area of vascular grafting.





The Transarrest systems includes:



Activities of I Med Pro


I Med Pro conducted the clinical study to evaluate efficacy, studied market potential and attended to important opinion leaders.