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Pi Medical Company


PiMedical is a medical device company with their place of business in St. Paul / MN. They developed an implant designed to supress or avoid social snoring.





Snoring is usually caused by the movement of the soft palate during breathing. In addition to disturbing the partner`s sleep this can have serious affects on the snoring person himself such as inability to sleep through the night, sleep apnea resulting in insufficient oxygen saturation, drousiness during the day and many other symptoms. This can lead to seconds of sleep during the day with the risk of serious accidents on highways and motorways.


Snoring that is not a result of illness or malfunction can be treated when the soft palate is being prevented from movement by surgical shorting, i.e. cut the soft palate or generate lesions by laser or HF ablation procedures. PiMedical uses 3 to 5 implants designed to stiffen the soft palate and as a consequence prevent social snoring.





The implants are slender, 1,5 - 2 cm long pins made from PET that were stiffened by a special procedure. Their surface is especially even and biocompatible.



Activities of I Med Pro


I Med Pro evaluated requirements for market approval, study centers and concluded study agreements. We have conducted the CE mark study and the monitoring in several European centers. Import and storage of the study products were effected by I Med Pro.